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Redfish Tournament Fishing with Tony Gaskin

Today, Tony Gaskin tells us why he uses a bay boat for Redfish tournaments.

Posted October 3, 2017
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3 Reasons to Use a Bay Boat for Redfish Tournaments

Tony Gaskin explains his reasons for fishing a Sportsman Tournament 234 Bay Boat in the pro circuit. He explains his approach and equipment.

Here is an excerpt from the article

The first step in maximizing success when using a bay boat for Redfish tournaments starts with choosing the right boat. It is important to be in a boat that you feel comfortable in and is designed to best suite your needs as a tournament angler. There are several factors to consider when determining what boat will give you the best advantage all around.

For example, a tournament angler in Florida who mainly plans to fish flats on the west coast or lagoons where the water is generally very shallow may choose a smaller bay boat for Redfish tournaments. While an angler in Texas and Louisiana who make runs across large bodies of deeper water would want a larger bay boat to handle the rough conditions. As a professional tournament angler fishing in four Redfish series, I encounter all of these conditions often.

Sportsman Boats is my primary sponsor and I think they have provided me a boat that is a excellent choice for any tournament angler. My boat is a Sportsman 23′ Tournament Series bay boat powered by a 250hp Yamaha SHO. This rig has worked wonders for me in nasty conditions and is just the first reason to use a bay boat for Redfish tournaments.

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Tony Gaskin next to his brand new Sportsman 234 Bay Boat