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Boat & Trailer Checklist

Let's take a moment to check your boat and trailer before you head off into your next adventure.

Posted January 21, 2019
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So, you just purchased your new Sportsman Boat. Now, it’s time to hit the water with friends and family. Making sure your boat is properly attached to the truck, as well as other safety items, are curial to your day on the water. Let’s take a moment to go over a few quick steps and things to check before leaving the house.

1.) Make sure the trailer ball is the correct size. Your trailer will indicate the proper ball size.

2.) Attach trailer to truck, making sure the ball is fully covered by the trailer and the latch fastens properly.

Boat lingo for the new boat owner.

3.) Attach safety chains.

Boat lingo for the new boat owner.

4.) Attach trailer light plug. If your trailer has brakes, it will typically have a 5 pin straight connector requiring an adapter for most modern trucks, as seen in this picture. That adapter is known as a "7-Way to 5-Way Trailer Adapter" and is easy to find online or at most auto parts stores.

Boat lingo for the new boat owner.

5.) Make sure the winch strap is tight and locked in place.

Boat lingo for the new boat owner.

Moving towards the rear of the boat let’s check that our turn signals and breaks work and that our plug is secured in drain hole.

6.) Check trailer lights to make sure they are working. 7.) Secure drain plug and make sure to not overtighten.

Boat lingo for the new boat owner.

8.) Safety straps secured.

Now the trailer and boat are ready to hit the water.