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Sportsman Masters 207 Bay Boat Review: Compact Commando

Jan 08 2018

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With many things in life size matters, but the Sportsman Masters 207 proves that bigger isn’t always better. If you want to argue the point, I’ll put up my 40 pound wahoo up against your 50 pound drum any day of the week. The same can be said about boats. While more LOA certainly has its advantages, sometimes the sweetest fishing machines come in small packages. Case in point: the Sportsman Masters 207.

Sportsman Boats has redesigned and re-tagged the bulk of their bay boat line for the 2018 model year, now called the Masters series, and while plenty of people will be interested in the 267, 247, or 227, we’ve chosen today to focus on the 207, the smallest boat in the fleet. Because small models like this are relatively easy to afford, relatively easy to load on a trailer and tow, and relatively easy to handle around the dock. But just as important, because anglers who prioritize quality over quantity are going to find the Masters 207 quite attractive.

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If a new bay boat is in your future, you might want to check out the Sportsman Masters 207.